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Dreaming of Bathrooms

By November 5, 2012

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It's been a while since this has happened to me, so last night's dreams were a surprise to me. I was dreaming about bathrooms. For those of us with IBD, it's usually not a pleasant dream, but typically the bathrooms we encounter in our dreams are dirty, unusable, missing doors, or otherwise unavailable to us. Compounding the nightmare-quality is the fact that you are usually in dire need of a bathroom -- immediately (if not sooner). In my dream, some of the restrooms were under construction, so they were unusable, and there were signs over the restrooms, telling us which ones we could use. The line for the "IBD" restroom was long, and I was in terrible pain while waiting. When I finally woke up -- you guessed it -- I needed to empty my j-pouch.

Do we dream about bathrooms because our bodies are trying to tell us something, to wake us up? Or is it because the finding of restrooms takes up so much of our waking life, that it's only normal that it would enter into our dreaming life, too? We might never know the answers. What we do know is that sleep is incredibly important, even more so when you have a chronic condition. Guard your sleep as the precious commodity it is, and learn how to improve your quality of sleep.

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