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Things You Should Never Say To Someone Who Has IBD

By January 8, 2014

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No Talking

I like to think that most people mean well. And it's probably true, especially when it comes to your family, friends, and coworkers. Nobody wants to see you ill, or make you unhappy, but sometimes the things that are said to you about your IBD really get under your skin. I've been asked about everything from why my face is so round in my high school photos (from prednisone side effects) to how IBD affects my sex life (which is clearly nobody's business).

Maybe you set people straight when they have misconceptions about IBD, and maybe you just let it roll off your back. How you react to the crazy comments is your business. Either way, a seemingly innocuous remark can really sting when it comes from someone who is close to you. I have a list of the things that no one should ever say to a person who has IBD. How many of them have you heard?

More about dealing with insensitive comments:

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