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iPhone Applications for IBD

If You Need To Track Your Symptoms Or Tests, Here Are Apps That Can Help


Updated February 25, 2014

Managing your inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) can seem like a full-time job. You may find the need to turn to different tools and gadgets to help you sort out your symptoms, tests, and medications. If you have an iPhone, you can find an application for just about anything, and these iPhone applications for IBD could be just what you're looking for to get organized.

1. GI Buddy

The GI Buddy application, which was created by the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, can help people with IBD track various aspects about their disease. With this app you can track symptoms, medication, and meals. Reports can be generated, making it easy to share specific aspects of the log with a health care professional. This app also offers options to track ostomy output, making it helpful for those 

2. GI Monitor

GI Monitor Log
Photo © WellApps, Inc.
GI Monitor helps people with IBD to monitor their symptoms. The easy-to-use, multiple choice, color-coded menus guide you through the application to record your symptoms at each bowel movement. A roll-up report takes everything into account, and lets you easily track your symptoms and bowel movements over the course of the day. Reports can be emailed, so you can share them with your doctor, or record them on your computer.

3. Stool Logger

Stool Logger
Image © Ben Boral
Stool Logger is a simple application that helps you keep track of your bowel movements. You add a new entry for each movement and answer some questions about it, or add some notes in the comment section. Once you have all this information input, you can view a bar graph of your stools that may help you to see where most of your stools fall on the Bristol Stool Scale (you don't need to be familiar with the scale to use this application). You can then email all your entries from the application as a .txt file.

4. Radiation Passport

Radiation Passport
Photo © Tidal Pool Software
This unique application helps you keep track of any imaging tests you have, either for your IBD or for any other condition you may have. It advises you of how much radiation you are being exposed to with every test. It also takes into account any background or lifestyle radiation exposure (such as from frequent flying) to estimate your cancer risk from radiation. This application is designed to be used in conjunction with physicians to make informed decisions regarding diagnostic tests.

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