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Readers Respond: Have You Tried Alternative and Complementary Medicine for IBD?

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Updated February 26, 2010

Many people with digestive disease try various therapies aside from prescription medication to treat their symptoms. Complementary and alternative medicine for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) has gained popularity over the years, and there is research that some therapies might yield new treatments in the future. If you’ve tried complementary and alternative treatments, why did you decide to do so?


I was severely ill with UC when heavilly pregnant, lost 5 pints of blood and was close to surgery. As soon as I started breastfeeding I went into remission needing no medication and 100% perfect. After 2 1/2 years stopped breastfeeding (last March), i relapsed, and have been on high dose of steroids and all medication has failed, back to the possibilty of surgery again. When breastfeeding my consultant was keen for me to stop to get back on medication even though I was fine, he now believes me and says I should have been born when wet nursing was a career.
—Guest meardonna

Holistic Health

I've been seeing a holistic health counselor (graduate of the Integrative Nutrition school) who has modified not only my diet but also lifestyle, the way I eat, incorporating meditation, exercise, relaxation -- so many elements. The disease is so affected by stress in addition to what we eat, that to help the body heal itself, restricting to easily digestible food is important, but so is lifestyle.
—Guest nicole

Alternative med not worked

I have tried alternative meds like homeopath and ayurveda but it didn't help me. Now I believe it's all about luck and timing ,like when UC is flare-up nothing works from restricted diet to allopathic med to relaxing therapies and any other alernative therapy. So, for maintaining remission, following a strict healthy diet, talking about mental and physical stress to keep it away from your life. Add curd with "live culture"in diet, I found it very effective.
—Guest nishanta

Acupuncture, Raw Diet

I tried acupuncture and it calmed my gut so the cramping was not as bad, but then I had more accidents. Now I am trying raw vegan diet with juicing and it is working much better than the meds were.
—Guest Deb Hearn

Tried Alternative Meds

My friend tried about every alternative therapy under the sun, but what worked best in the end was controlling her diet very strictly. (I believe she was also on prescription meds for IBD.)

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