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Readers Respond: Most People Agree The Colonoscopy Is A Breeze -- It's The Prep That's Hard

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Updated February 16, 2013

No matter which preparation you and your doctor choose for your colonoscopy, you are bound to spend a lot of time in the bathroom getting your colon squeaky clean. It's unpleasant to be sure, so it's important to do what you can to make the prep easier on yourself. In between bathroom trips you might read a favorite book, watch a good movie, give yourself a pedicure, or take a nap. How do you make yourself more comfortable during a colonoscopy prep? Share Your Tips

Second time was a breeze with these tips

After finding taking Kleanprep a nightmare I was dreading my repeat endoscopy. However I used tips from this site and the second time was a breeze dispite having to drink 4 litres of KleanPrep. I made ice cubes to suck before starting each 8oz glass. Chilled the mixure and added ice cubes to the jug. Drank each 8 oz glass through 3 straws and used a ginger ale 'chaser' everytime I drew breath. I also danced around to music between glasses rather than sitting down and this really helped. Do all this and it will be fine.
—Guest SWard

Colonoscopy prep tip

I can’t overstress the importance of lemons during the prep. Get a bag of lemons and cut them in quarters. Suck on the lemon quarter, drink the solution, suck on the lemon, drink the solution. You will not even taste or smell it. Also, schedule your exam in the afternoon. You will be able to drink 1/2 of the solution the night before and 1/2 in the morning. Very tolerable way to get through this!
—Guest Relieved234

Better Jello

Jello is bland. I made it with 1 cup of boiling water as directed on package, but then used 1 cup of gingerale in place of the 1 cup of cold water. It makes it taste much better and actually fun to eat!
—Guest Guest Carrie


I found that to vary the liquid helped. I measured my Miralax into 8 doses. First went into Gatorade, second sweet tea, third lemonade, fourth hot chicken broth, fifth unsweet tea, sixth & seventh alternated hot broth & unsweet tea. This was the easiest of my three preps.
—Guest Peggy

Had my first today

I drank 238g miraLax mixed with 64oz of blue gatoraide the day prior, and all liquids that day. I was to drink a min of 1 gallon of fluids all day. I started drinking water when I woke up and up until I started my prep mix at 4. Next time I will mix in sprite, jello or chicken broth rather than all water. The prep mix did not taste bad at all and the procedure itself was nothing because I was asleep..I AM THANKFUL I WENT..They found and removed 6 polyps....I'll get the results in two weeks... Please get your screening done
—Guest Th54

Colonoscopy Prep

Got tired of the sweetness of Gatorade so exchanged some of the liquid with chicken broth. That made a huge difference in being able to tolerate so much liquid.
—Guest patty

Chill It!

I mixed the liquid and put in the freezer to chill for about an hour before taking -- works like a dream.
—Guest Rosie

Moviprep Tips

Just finished Moviprep. Not bad at all. The volume of liquid was much easier to get down than I expected, and the lemon flavor didn't bother me too much. Yes, it does smell like a bit like lemon pledge, but I just imagined that it was triple concentrated Gatorade, and that did the trick. Here are some more tips: 1. Eat lightly the day before the prep. I stuck to smoothies and blended soups, which helped a lot. 2. Drink 10oz of magnesium citrate the day before the prep. It will move all of the "big stuff" out of the way. 3. Mix the prep in a blender to fully dissolve, then chill it for a few hours, and drink it with a straw. 4. Take a sip of hot chicken broth after each glass of prep. It will take the taste away quickly. 5. Keep a cup of warm water by the toilet to rinse yourself with between movements. Then gently blot with TP to dry and apply A&D ointment. This will cut down on irritation. 5. Think positive, and don't dread the prep! It's really not that bad!
—Guest Ameyls

Found my answer

After throwing up most of my last prep a few years ago, I opted for OSMOPREP and did well. I did go on a liquid diet for three days before - lots of homemade broth, jello, water, ginger ale, popscicles, gatorade, miso, etc. It was so much better than trying to drink something I couldn't keep down. Since I am retired now I could stay home and read alot for those days of no eating but, it was well worth it considering the alternatives. Hint: be sure your pharmacy has OSMOPREP - it can take a few days to get as so many pharmacies don't keep it in stock. It costs but, a coupon and calling around for pricing helped. Do your research as many doctors won't give you all your options for prep. They just want you cleaned out and there are options.

A few things that worked for me

I used the 238g bottle of Miralax w 64oz of any clear liquid. The prep: day 1 drink a bottle of mag citrate then follow a clear liquid diet - day 2 start w a bottle of mag citrate- wait an hour take the amitiza pills then 2 hours later start the Miralax concoction. I did the prep backwards. On first day I did my Miralax clean out because I so dread the pooping part! The 2nd day I did the bottle of mag citrate and clear liquids. I feel hungry but it's not unbearable -- tired and a dull headache but I think that's common. The preps have always seemed to take so much longer to start to affect me and that always makes me Worry! I want this to work the FIRST TIME! Ha! I will be getting a better nights sleep which I think makes a huge difference. Also I used the 15 calorie minute Maid lemonade (to me it's not so sickening sweet) and mixed in my mixer for about 5 minutes and put it in the freezer about 1 hr. So it was super cold! Couldn't even taste the Miralax! Best of luck!
—Guest Marcie

First Colonoscopy at Age 50

Here's what I did to help down the drink! Drink plenty of clear fluids before taking the drink. The chicken bouillon is not as bad as I thought, & I also ate jello. This will help with nausea. Get the drink cold but not so cold you cannot drink it fast. Have a toothbrush, toothpaste, and cup of water (f/ rinsing) beside you. (My father's idea!) Have toothpaste on brush before drinking! If possible, have someone do the pouring of the drink & try not to look at how much is left for you to drink. Find something to stare at & focus on while drinking. I put on a movie I enjoyed. I found I did better with no one around me while drinking the "stuff!" Take a deep breath & gulp it down as fast as you can! Immediately, brush your teeth & rinse w/ water. To help with the other end of your body, put a little dab of Vaseline there so you don't get so sore & possibly develop hemorrhoids. My husband suggested I do this, & I didn't. Next time, I sure will! I hope my tips help! Best of luck!

Don't Cheat

Ive had 5 colonoscopies! Don't cheat! If you eat during the prep then the doctor may not get a clear view and may recommend you go through it all over again! Don't give up! There is a light at the end of the tunnel and you will be fine!
—Guest Juliagulia76

Colonoscopy Prep

I'm 36 and I've had 5 colonoscopies! I've tried a variety of prep medications. I find the 32 tablets called Diacol to be the easiest to tolerate. Also, following the prescribed diet really makes the prep easier!

Prep tips I didn't know

I just did my 2nd colonoscopy about 1.5 years after my first one because the prep wasn't enough to clean me out the first time. All my Dr. told me the first time was give me the rx and directions to drink the Go Lytely. This time I asked more questions and found out that vitamins and foods with nuts and seeds could be a problem. I never knew that the first time. I stopped taking my vitamins about 3 weeks prior. I also ate a low residue diet a couple of days before it. I ate Corn Flakes, instant mashed potatoes, bagels with a tablespoon of honey and smooth creamy peanut butter. Two days before I was given 4 Dulcolas to take. The day before I ate jello (I did eat some that was blue in the a.m. and at lunch then realized I shouldn't have eaten blue and quit. I drank a total of 4 liters of Gatorade mixed with Miralax split between 2 to 4 pm then 6 to 8pm. Drank a ton of water then. It finally worked. He said it was the perfect prep. One small polyp found.
—Guest Mary S

Golytly prep MUCH easier with slushie

I found the Golytly prep to be much easier after adding two flavor packets and rotating glasses of the liquid in and out of the freezer at a slushie consistency to consume. It went down remarkably easy. I also started the procedure by applying A & D ointment and using flushable diaper wipes. Not bad at all.
—Guest HeavenWithaD

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Most People Agree The Colonoscopy Is A Breeze -- It's The Prep That's Hard

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