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Readers Respond: How Has IBD Affected Your Marriage?

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Updated July 21, 2012

From the article: Lack Of Sex Drive With IBD
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) puts stress on all your relationships, and especially your marriage. People with IBD frequently suffer from fatigue, and may need to spend time in the hospital or resting while recovering from a flare or surgery. The well spouse may wind up taking on more than their share of responsibilities such as housekeeping and child-rearing. IBD can also take a toll on your intimate life. Yet, some couples may find that they grow closer with the adversity that a health problem brings. How has IBD affected your marriage?

Crohn's Affecting My Marriage

My husband is still devoted to me even though our sex life is non-existant. It is very uncomfortable for me to have sex because I do not know what will happen. The last thing I want and am most afraid of is having an accident in the middle of sex.
—Guest MsTaz51

Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired

I couldn't imagine having three children and doing it. I only have one and I have to drive 45 minutes every morning to get her to school and get to work. It's so draining trying to get through the sickness and get out the door I have no option but to do it. My family depends on my income and missing work to rest just isn't a option. I dream of being normal and pain free. I just want to eat normal food and have a normal life. I want to be able to do things with my daughter that she wants to do but my days off are usually spent trying to rest from a week of sickness It doesn't help that I run a warehouse and do a lot of heavy lifting that can make you feel worse during a flare up. I am newly married and he knew about my illness before we got married but he never lived it first hand until this year. It seems to take a toll on him as well even though he's very sympathetic to what I am going through. Living with this doesn't seem like life. I have been sick for 12 years & it gets worse every day.
—Guest Erin620

Crohn's Disease

Diagnosis and treatment destroyed my marriage. My ex-partner of 12 years withdrew from any sharing or indeed caring about my illness. She simply couldn't cope with watching my descent. Relationships since then have been transient , as a result I have little faith in love and rely on my own resources to survive. I can end a relationship by letting them know the real reason for my lack of money, employment. Initial diagnosis should include joint counseling when steroids are first prescribed.
—Guest Tim

It's Not Easy

I have 3 children, one who is mentally handicapped and when I have a flare-up -- forget it. I'm tired all the time. It definitely does put a strain between my husband and myself. He doesn't understand how this really affects me. Mentally and physically. And sometimes he is not open to discussion.

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