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Readers Respond: How Do You Work With Your Child's School Regarding IBD?

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Updated March 09, 2011

For a school-age child, chronic illness means missed days, medication during the school day, and difficulty giving her full attention during class. A child with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) may also need special dispensation to leave and use the restroom during class. It can be challenging to bring teachers and administrators together in the care of a chronically ill child and have everyone agree on how to proceed. How do you advocate for your child with IBD in the school setting? Which strategies worked for your family in partnering with your school -- and which didn't? Share Your Experience

School & My Son's IBD

First I need to say that every case of IBD is different....my son has NEVER had issues with diarrhea or bathroom access since his is primarily (for now) involving the UPPER GI tract...a common manifestation of pediatric Crohn's disease. He does have issues with nutrition, eating enough, needed supplements, etc. which the school is not too helpful with. His school doesn't have a full time nurse so that is part of the issue. I do keep in touch via email with principal, teachers, nurses, etc. and let them know ahead of time about him being out for procedures or appointments or surgeries and get work for these absences.
—Guest Beth C

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How Do You Work With Your Child's School Regarding IBD?

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