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Readers Respond: Have You Taken Probiotics for Pouchitis

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Updated April 30, 2013

Pouchitis is a serious and recurring problem for some people who have j-pouch surgery for their ulcerative colitis. There is some evidence that taking probiotics directly after surgery may help delay the onset of pouchitis, and that taking probiotics after treating pouchitis with antibiotics may help prevent a recurrence. Some physicians are now prescribing probiotics after j-pouch surgery. Did your surgeon or gastroenterologist recommend probiotics either to safeguard the health of your j-pouch or to treat pouchitis? If so, did you stick with it? Why or why not?

Probiotics: Myth or Problem Solver?

In my experience with probiotics, I found them not to be a miracle worker. I do think that they help to keep things more consistent but I have no evidence that they prevent pouchitis. Also most probiotics are very expensive. I tried a brand called Good Belly, which is a probiotic drink. It was very reasonably priced, tasted pretty good and you could get it at a local grocery store. I think if you're on the fence about whether to spend the money for them, Good Belly is a good place to try it out.
—Guest Jackie Zimmerman

Stretching Your Probiotic Budget

I found that probiotics affected me notably only at the first dose. When I had UC, and after the first operation. Now I take them regularly. My pouch will be connected in a week from now, and I will certainly continue with probiotics. I use the expensive one, VSL III. But it is not expensive for me. I put the whole package in the freezer, and take one sachet out at a time, and make good yogurt with it. A tenth of a teaspoon is enough for a pint. The sachet needs to be sealed carefully and kept in the fridge. The packet has lasted more than a year, and will last for another year or two. The strength has not diminished yet. There is probiotics also in homemade sauerkraut.
—Guest Martin Klussendorf
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