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Readers Respond: Everyone Has Their Own Flare-Up Triggers

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Updated April 07, 2009

From the article: What Causes Your Flares?
My ulcerative colitis flare-ups tended be be predictable, coming every fall and spring. Medication would help get the symptoms under control, and I would be almost symptom-free for a time. But over time the flare-ups got longer and my symptoms never abated. What Causes Your Flares?


I was diagnoised 2/2012. I have had 3 flares; which were all at stressful times. The last flare, in addition to the UC, I also had 2 bacterias in my colon as well as a diagnoisis of chronic appendicities.


Heat and stress really do a number on me. If I stay in the AC I feel better tho not entirely well. Also certain foods just keep me in the bathroom.
—Guest Nita


I haven't even a diagnosis yet but my family doc thinks IBD, my flares come in late Aug until end of Dec. or so and I believe are strongly tied to my severe allergies (dust, pollen, mites, etc...). :(
—Guest Kelly


My Crohn's seems to be at its worst when I am on holiday abroad. Whether this is the heat, food hygiene or coincidence is beyond me.
—Guest Martha


This is the only trigger i can blame it on because I ate anything and everything all summer and was fine! ..but this is just my second year since diagnosis so I'm still learning what affects me. I wish we knew more about this disease, it's strange how each person is affected by very different things.
—Guest rah

Pain In The Gut

Went off gluten, dairy, soy, and nitrates 18 months ago after birth of 3rd child. I only use coconut oil, grape seed oil and olive oil sparingly when I do use oil at all. I had no idea it was my food or my system, even after having assisted in numerous endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures. Never heard the Dr. ever talk to a patient about dietary changes. Only meds were given or recommended. :( I educated myself and thankfully found a management without mess I'm thankful to say. Always make your dietary requirements known when ordering at a restaurant and do your homework before traveling to enjoy your trip. My husband has been a great support during this strange and scary at times situation. Don't give up, we are not alone in this!
—Guest Heather


When I had my large intestine still (I had a colectomy and now have a j-pouch) I found that each flare was different. The worst one I remember though was when I took some pretty heavy antibiotics for an upper respitory infection. Since then my doctor always tries to keep me on antibiotics that are easy on my GI tract. Other than that I've noticed fried, fatty foods, carbonated beverages, lack of good sleep, stress, and high fiber foods all either cause or worsen my flares.
—Guest Shannon

Mixed Grain Bread

I have tried to make sense of this flare-up puzzle to no avail. However my last episode came about with eating Mixed Grain and Honey bread. I was broken-hearted to have to admit to the culprit as I really enjoyed it. So another NO NO on the list.

Menstrual Periods

They always happend a day or so after my period ends. It is horrible, I already have difficult and painful periods and to have it combined with a flare up is awful. Not sure why these two events are connected, maybe hormones?
—Guest Anita

What Causes My Ulcerative Colitis Flares

Respiratory infections, quitting smoking, or it can be seasonal.
—Guest mbdetail


I was taking naproxen for hand pain, and I had a severe flare up. My doc said it's a common problem, and since I take an herbal anti-inflamatory which works almost as well, and doesn't cause problems.
—Guest blobbyrl

Flare Ups Are Unpredictable

I get flares whenever the weather changes. Definitely from the heat, and increased activity or stress. Fried food is the worst, I love Chinese food but I pay for it. I don't understand, however, why sometimes I can get away with eating anything and other times there's nothing I can do. Stress will definitely get to me, either immediately or as a delayed reaction.
—Guest auramac


In the past 10 years I have always flared up in times of high stress.
—Guest Realivemovement

Foods That Cause My Fare Ups

Foods that cause my flares: gluten, dairy, sugars.
—Guest L Carter

No Pattern

I can't seem to get a handle on what causes it! I will feel great for a few months and then BAM! Maybe seasons? Maybe some foods? But it is very inconsistent and difficult to pin down. The only truly common factor is stress. Meds and yoga usually help but it can take weeks or months to get back on track.
—Guest Anon

What Causes Your Flares?

Everyone Has Their Own Flare-Up Triggers

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