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Update Your IBD Vocabulary


Your health care team likely uses a lot of words that you've never heard before. Keep up with them by visiting the IBD glossary.

More IBD Essentials
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Spotlight10

Common Blood Tests Used In Managing IBD

When your doctor orders a blood test, what is it that they are testing in your blood, and what does it mean to your health?

Hematocrit Level Test

What is the hematocrit level blood test, and how is it used by a physician to diagnose diseases and conditions?

How To Green Your IBD

How would you go about lessening the environmental impact of your IBD? Here are some simple ways you can be greener in your daily life.

Flushable Wipes -- Should They Really Be Going Down The Drain?

Bathroom wipes are being used by everyone from toddlers to adults. Should these wipes really be flushed down the toilet, and what happens to them when they are?

Following Your IBD Diet In Difficult Situations

Most people with IBD follow a diet plan that is specific to them. How is it possible to stick to the right diet when every social event revolves around food?

Does Junk Food Cause Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)?

Could eating junk food give you IBD? Find out if there is any evidence to support the idea that what you eat could cause IBD.

Tips To Overcome Discomfort During An Exam

Are you dreading an upcoming medical exam? Here are some tips on how you can relax your body and mind while you're experiencing discomfort.

Who Gets IBD?

Learn about how many people have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), who is most at risk for developing the disease, and what factors may influence a person's risk.

How Much Do I Tell My Child About IBD?

When your child is diagnosed with IBD: how much should you tell her about her health? Here: a by-age guide to helping your child understand IBD.

How To Feel Less Lonely

Does your IBD leave you feeling lonely? Here are ways to meet people and become less isolated despite your IBD.

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