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Information for Caregivers

Help, advice, or just someone who can listen and understand are available for caregivers of the chronically ill.

How Can I Help My Spouse In The Days After Surgery?
You may feel helpless in the first days after surgery, but there is plenty you can do to help your spouse as they recover. Learn how here.

What Can I Expect When My Spouse Has IBD Surgery?
When your spouse has IBD, you will probably be escorting them to the hospital for inpatient treatments or surgery. What will happen when you get there? Find out more here.

How Can I Help My Spouse with IBD When a Flare-up Hits?
When the flare-ups of IBD inevitably hit, how can you help your spouse deal with them? I have some ideas here.

How Much Should I Tell My Friends/Co-workers About My Spouse's IBD?
How much should you tell people about your significant other and their IBD?

How to be an Understanding Spouse
Though they are sometimes forgotten, family and friends are affected by IBD and IBS, too. Learn how to be a better caregiver for your spouse with a chronic illness by reading these 10 tips written by a well spouse.

In Sickness And In Health
When chronic illness strikes difficulties develop which are so complex that statistics show nearly 85% of marriages eventually fail, from your About guide to Arthritis, Carol Eustice.

Well Spouse Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to the most frequently asked questions from spouses and caregivers of those with IBD or IBS.

A Profile of Caregivers
Interesting statistics on who makes up the caregivers in our society.

Caregiver Grief: Dealing with Ongoing Loss
From the National Family Caregivers Association, information on dealing with the grief of an illness.

Publications from the Well Spouse Foundation
Information on ordering books, pamphlets, and newsletters for well spouses.

The Well Spouse Foundation - Support Groups
Information about how to contact support groups for well spouses in 29 states and Canada.

Sex And Body Issues With IBD
IBD can affect your intimate relationship with your significant other. Learn how you can work towards building a stronger relationship through flare-ups as well as periods of remission.

Advice For Partners of People With IBD
Are you the "well spouse"? If so, here is some advice for you on how you can improve your relationship with your partner who has IBD.

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