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Mike McCready, Lead Guitarist for Pearl Jam


Updated August 29, 2012

Rick Diamond / Getty Images

Mike McCready performs with Pearl Jam at the 2010 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

Mike McCready
Mike McCready, the lead Guitarist for the very popular rock band Pearl Jam, suffers from Crohn's disease. Mike has admitted that, at times, the pain and associated urgency is so great that it affects his ability to perform on stage.
Mike has suffered with Crohn's disease since the age of 15, and at times has taken up to 140 pills a week. He kept his disease hidden for several years as his band became popular. In 2003 Mike decided to become a spokesperson for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) after realizing that the disease affects so many children.
Since going public, Mike has made numerous personal appearances and has donated signed guitars and other items to raise funds for the CCFA. Most recently, Mike has made a public service announcement that has been distributed to 1,250 radio stations across the United States.

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