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Colorectal Surgeon

Colorectal Surgeons Go Through Almost Fourteen Years Of Training


Updated June 02, 2014

What Is A Colorectal Surgeon?

A colorectal surgeon has a particular interest in diseases of the colon and rectum. To become proficient in the treatment and management of these digestive conditions, a colorectal surgeon must undergo training in both general surgery as well as advanced training in problems of the lower digestive tract. A colorectal surgeon may also sometimes be known as a proctologist.

Training For A Colorectal Surgeon

A general surgery residency program generally includes 5 to 6 years of training after the completion of a 4-year medical school program. Specialized programs that a general surgeon must undergo to become a colon and rectal surgeon generally take 1 to 2 more years. In all, a colorectal surgeon has undergone a minimum of 14 years of formal classroom education and practical training before becoming certified to practice medicine.


A colorectal surgeon that is certified by the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery must have proficiency in diagnosing and treating the following conditions:


Other Skills

In addition, a colorectal surgeon may also perform regular screening exams, such as sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy, for colorectal cancer and other digestive disorders.

Locate a Colorectal Surgeon

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