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Information for parents and children with inflammatory bowel disease on tests, medication, being an advocate, and school issues.
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Are Children with IBD At Risk For Stunted Growth?
Children with inflammatory bowel disease face special challenges when it comes to their growth and development. Malnutrition, chronic inflammation, and certain medications used to treat IBD all adversely affect their bone growth.

IBD And Medical Care At School
To be successful at college, you'll need to think ahead about how you'll manage your IBD.

Drugs Used To Treat IBD in Children
What types of drugs are used to treat IBD in children? Are they the same as those used in adults?

Constipation in Children
Symptoms and treatment for children who are constipated.

Diet and Constipation
Constipation is a frustrating problem for many parents. Pediatrics Guide Vincent Iannelli, MD gives tips on how to prevent constipation in children and what to do if it does happen.

Free Hunts for Sick Kids
The United Special Sportsmen Alliance (USSA) is a nonprofit organization that grants outdoor wishes for disabled and terminally ill children and adults across the USA. Read about the gal who started it all by using her own company's funds to provide free hunts for special folks!

Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Children
Children can have irritable bowel syndrome, too, and the treatments are different from those used for adults.

Surviving College With IBD
Starting, or going back, to college this year--and your inflammatory bowel disease is coming with you? Learn how to use the resources available at your school to your advantage.

Advocating for Your Chronically Ill Child
Article written by a school psychologist on how to work with schools to help a child with IBD have a positive school experience.

Sending a Chronically Ill Child to School
How can you protect your child with IBD while they are at school? There are several ways you can "be there" when you can't be there.

Improve Care Now
Improve Care Now is "an innovative collaborative network of physicians and health care providers who are dramatically improving the quality of care and health for children with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis utilizing currently available treatments." Patients and parents of patients can contact Improve Care Now for help in getting children with IBD the best possible care.

Treating Children and Adolescents
Informative article on the use of medication in children and adolescents.

Growth Problems Associated with GI Disorders
Diagnosis and treatment of growth problems of in children with IBD.

Increasing Caloric Intake
Some tips to keep a childs calorie intake steady despite IBD.

Eating While Away At College
While you're away at school you will be responsible for making your own decisions about diet. How, where, and what will you eat?

Coping With IBD as a Teen
Teens may not have the same coping mechanisms that adults do when it comes to dealing with chronic disease. Here are some tips especially for teens.

2012 Youth Rally
The Youth Rally runs every summer and is for kids between the ages of 11 and 17 who have an ostomy or j-pouch.

Winter Toilet Paper Tube Crafts
What can you do with a used toilet paper tube? Just about anything! Try these crafts with your leftover tubes.

IBD And School
If you have a child who has IBD, how do you work with the school when your child has absences and other difficulties? Share your experiences in advocating for your child at school

How Much Do I Tell My Child About IBD?
When your child is diagnosed with IBD: how much should you tell her about her health? Here: a by-age guide to helping your child understand IBD.

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