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More information about the surgeries and procedures used to treat ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.
  1. BCIR (9)
  2. Ostomy Surgery (13)
  3. Pediatric Surgery (0)
  4. Pelvic Pouch (11)
  5. Surgery for Crohn's Disease (7)

Tips for Surgery - Tips for Faster Recovery from Surgery
Having surgery for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is unfortunately fairly common. What are your best tips for a smooth and speedy recovery?

Tips for Recovering From Abdominal Surgery
Surgery for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is difficult on both your body and your life. You can lessen the impact and improve your recovery from surgery by making good preparations. There's much that you can do to prepare yourself, your home, your finances, and your employer for the time you'll need to take to recover.

What to Expect With an Epidural
From start to finish, what getting an epidural will entail for a patient.

What is an Epidural?
An explanation of what an epidural is, where it is inserted into the spine, when it might be used, and its effectiveness in managing pain.

Surgery Specifically for Ulcerative Colitis
A detailed explanation of the pelvic pouch surgery (j-pouch) and the Koch pouch (continent ileostomy), including their histories. Toxic megacolon and perforations are also discussed in less detail.

Surgery for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Some general information about surgery and IBD, including statistics on the prevalence of surgery in Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

Kock/Koch Pouch Contact List
A list of a few people who have had Koch pouch surgery who are available for email questions or just to talk.

Kock Pouch
More information about the Kock pouch, including illustrations, and a picture of a belly with the pouch!

Epidural Side Effects
Potential side effects and complications of an epidural.

Strengthening Abdominal Muscles - Tips on Strengthening Abdominal Muscles...
Strengthening Abdominal Muscles - Tips on Strengthening Abdominal Muscles After Surgery

10 Tips for Recovering From Abdominal Surgery
Your complete recovery from abdominal surgery will depend on how much time you give yourself to heal.

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